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  • April 17, 2023
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For those with trauma, complex trauma and PTSD, simple tasks in life can be extremely challenging. Without proper addressing and processing of traumatic experiences, individuals can be left with a number of mental and physical health issues, blocking their ability to move forwards in life. If you’re seeking help for trauma related problems, Dr Kat Aguilera provides online trauma therapy that can help to process past trauma, relieve distressing symptoms, and provide the tools required to move past your issues.

Why Choose Online Trauma Counselling?

Although our online trauma therapy is delivered remotely, there is no difference in quality compared to in-person trauma counselling. In fact, for those with physical disabilities, social anxiety, or simply a lack of time, remotely-delivered trauma therapy may be preferable. Our experienced counselling psychologist Dr Kat Aguilera provides online trauma therapy in a safe space, so you are able to access the help you need from wherever you are.

Types of Online Trauma Therapy

With our individualised approach to trauma counselling, we begin by carrying out an assessment to establish your symptoms and therapy goals. Our online trauma therapies include the following techniques:

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