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In addition to providing therapy for trauma, complex trauma, psychosis and a range of other issues, Dr Kat Aguilera also offers expert witness assessments. These independent specialist psychological assessments of adults and adolescents can be provided as one-off psychological assessments for investigation or clarification of mental health issues, as well as for the purposes of legal proceedings relating to family and criminal court, or other investigative reasons. Each expert witness assessment is carried out in an impartial manner, using our professional opinion.

Clinical Psychologist Expert Witness

In the case that there are possible cognitive difficulties which may affect court matters, we can undertake an in-depth assessment, to fully understand the problems faced by an individual. Our assessments are carried out in a comprehensive and thorough manner, including detailed evaluations and further care recommendations.

Employment, Family and Criminal Law Proceedings

As an experienced and qualified clinical psychologist, Dr Kat Aguilera can provide comprehensive & independent expert witness assessments, which may be required for individuals or employers during employment tribunals. These expert witness assessments may include necessary assessment of trauma, PTSD, or work related anxiety, stress or depression.

We are also able to assist the court by providing expert witness reports for both family and criminal law proceedings, including cognitive assessments of mental capacity, and assessments of individual conditions including attachment and relationship issues, trauma, PTSD, personality disorders, and psychosis.

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