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Attachment issues can affect an individual’s capacity to form and maintain effective relationships, which typically result from childhood. Because our ability to relate to others is established in our early relationships (particularly with parents), unhealthy patterns can disrupt relationships later on in life. The attachment and relationship therapies that we offer can help individuals to identify and explore their attachment issues, transforming the way that relationships are approached going forward.

Causes & Effects of Attachment Issues

Unresolved attachment and relationship issues often arise when a person is unable to have an emotional connection with a primary caregiver during childhood, perhaps through neglect or trauma. In later life, these issues can cause people to find it difficult to trust others, leading to problems with forming and maintaining relationships with friends, partners and their own children. In addition to this, individuals with attachment issues may also experience emotional impairment, low self-esteem, dissociation, depression and anxiety.

Therapy for Attachment and Relationship Issues

For individuals experiencing attachment difficulties which have remained unaddressed, psychotherapy can be extremely beneficial. The therapies that we offer within our treatment plans include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which can help to identify the thoughts and behaviours which lead to unhelpful patterns. Furthermore, our specialist trauma therapies including EMDR and TF-CBT can help to unpick any unresolved childhood trauma, returning a sense of confidence to individuals and helping them to build better relationships with people across their life.

Trauma Therapist

At Aguilera Psychology, we tailor our therapies to the needs of the individual, helping each of our patients with attachment and relationship issues to gain a sense of closure on their childhood, and learn how to create healthy relationships and bonds in the present. Dr Kat Aguilera, our experienced counselling psychologist provides both in-person and online therapy to those seeking help for their unresolved attachment and relationship issues, as well as trauma, PTSD and complex trauma.

To get the help you need, or to learn more about our counselling and therapies for attachment and relationship issues, contact us today for an initial consultation.

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