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Compassion Focused Therapy, or CFT, is a therapeutic approach that was originally developed to help those with heightened levels of self-criticism and shame – which can often arise as a result of early life trauma or abuse. Similar to mindfulness-based therapies, CFT therapy also helps individuals to understand the connection between mind and body, and practice effective awareness of this. Provided by our empathetic therapists at Aguilera Psychology, CFT teaches valuable self-compassion skills to those struggling with their mental health, helping them to regulate their mood, and feel accepted.

How Does CFT Work?

The theory behind Compassion Focused Therapy is that each person has three different emotional regulatory systems within us. Those with high levels of self-criticism and shame may have received too much stimulation of their response to threat, and not enough of their soothing regulatory system within their early life. CFT is designed to correct these emotional regulatory imbalances, which can lead to issues such as anxiety and depression. With this, CFT therapy aims to replace insecurity and hostility to oneself with compassion and understanding, leading to increased feelings of contentment.

What Problems Does CFT Help?

As a therapy approach, CFT is used to help those with an inability to view themselves and their behaviours in a compassionate way. These feelings of shame can lead to a range of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and attachment and relationship issues. Additionally, these insecurities can also result from traumatic early childhood experiences, making CFT a therapy which can be of use to those with PTSD and trauma.

CFT and Trauma Therapist

Regardless of your individual issues and symptoms, we provide an individualised approach to therapy that enables you to get the help you need. Our accredited psychologist Kat Aguilera is a specialist trauma therapist, providing both in-person and online CFT therapy for those with anxiety, depression, PTSD and attachment & relationship issues. By replacing negative feelings and thought processes, Compassion Focused Therapy can help individuals to lead a calmer, more compassionate life towards themselves and others.

To enquire about our Compassion Focused Therapy, or to learn more about our range of otherĀ  therapies including CBT and EMDR therapy for trauma, contact us today for an initial consultation.

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