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Online Trauma Therapy

Dr Kat Aguilera is an experienced, registered & chartered counselling psychologist who specialises in providing trauma therapy online and in person – helping people to combat the challenges of trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, psychosis and attachment/relationship issues. Experienced and compassionate, our online trauma therapy will be tailored to your individual needs, with trauma counselling online designed to fit into your personal schedule.

In addition to online therapy for trauma and complex trauma, a range of problems can be treated with this individually tailored approach, including anxiety/panic attacks, attachment issues, relationship problems, depression and low mood, and psychosis. Dr Kat Aguilera provides online trauma therapy in a safe space, irrespective of the physical environment, so you will feel able to talk openly due to her warm and collaborative approach.

If you want to manage your difficulties day-to-day, but also seek to understand their root cause for a more in-depth analysis, Dr Kat Aguilera can provide online counselling that will help you to overcome the impact these issues cause on your daily life.

Trauma, complex trauma and PTSD can be treated via online trauma therapies such as EMDR – a technique that relieves the symptoms of trauma such as flashbacks and angry outbursts. Dr Kat Aguilera can provide online trauma therapy that will help to lessen the specific symptoms you experience, enabling you to manage your mental health in the long term.

If your relationships with others, whether romantic, familial or platonic, have become strained, you can benefit from her expert help for attachment and relationship issues. Online trauma therapy allows you to work on your issues in your own time, while Dr Aguilera’s expertise helps you to understand the ways in which your early relationships with primary caregivers have impacted your relationships in later life.

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The approach Dr Kat Aguilera takes to treating low mood and depression focuses on aiding long-term management of the problem. This is achieved through teaching effective symptom management in online therapy, whilst exploring what the root cause of the issue might be.

In keeping with her compassionate approach, the symptoms of psychosis (such as experiencing visual or auditory hallucinations) are treated with understanding and modern psychological approaches that help to dispel the stress these issues can cause. If you are seeking effective treatment for psychosis, the quality of Dr Kat Aguilera’s online therapy will enable you to get the help you need.

To learn more about our expert online trauma therapy and counselling for a range of issues, simply contact us today for your initial consultation with a qualified online trauma counsellor.

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