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Psychosis is a surprisingly common experience, which is when contact with reality is lost in some way. This is usually in the form of visual or auditory hallucinations, and/or believing unusual things that are untrue. Both of these symptoms of psychosis can cause behaviour changes and result in severe distress for sufferers and those around them. At Aguilera Psychology, we use a range of personalised therapies to understand the reasoning and cause behind psychosis, and help people to manage symptoms.

Symptoms of Psychosis

One of the most common symptoms of psychosis are hallucinations – hearing, seeing and experiencing things that appear to be real, but do not exist outside of the person’s mind. Delusional thinking, where a person has strong beliefs that are not shared by others, is another common symptom that sufferers can experience. Additionally, disorganised thinking and speech can be a specific type of psychosis, where a person experiences racing thoughts and fleeting ideas.

Therapy and Counselling for Psychosis

With our range of specialist therapies here at Aguilera Psychology, we take a bespoke approach to each individual case of psychosis. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Psychosis (CBT-p) is a specialised talking treatment that we offer, which aims to reduce distress caused by delusional beliefs and/or visual or auditory hallucinations. With this practical therapy, our aim is to help individuals experiencing psychotic episodes to understand the reasoning behind them and find individualised ways of coping.

Psychosis and Trauma Therapist

Experienced in providing therapy for those with a variety of issues, Dr Kat Aguilera is a chartered psychologist specialising in trauma therapy, with extensive knowledge of psychosis. Whether you prefer in-person or online therapy, CBT-p with us will help to provide much-needed relief from what can be a highly distressing experience. All of our psychosis therapy is specifically tailored to individual needs, with your goals and circumstances carefully considered.

To get the help you need for psychosis, or to learn more about our psychosis and specialised trauma therapy, contact us today for an initial consultation.

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