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  • July 18, 2023
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When traumatic experiences happen to us in life, it can be tricky to move on from them. Although we may attempt to suppress our emotions or forget about what happened, this is often extremely difficult without professional help. In order to start to feel better, and eliminate distressing flashbacks and other symptoms, we need to ensure that our tough memories are correctly processed. One of the most efficient methods to achieve this is through EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). At Aguilera Psychology, we provide EMDR therapy online for anybody struggling following the experience of trauma.

How Does Online EMDR Therapy Work?

Our online EMDR therapy will begin by discussing the specific trauma, complex trauma or PTSD symptoms you are experiencing. During this evaluation, our counselling psychologist Dr Kat Aguilera will identify the specific memories that require processing, in order for you to begin to move forwards. The treatment works by using methods such as bilateral stimulation, tapping sequences and eye movements in order to stimulate different areas of the brain – all of which can be carried out through online trauma therapy. Once stimulated, the brain is able to process previously blocked traumatic memories, which helps individuals to begin to overcome their trauma.

Confidential, Comfortable & Convenient

Although initially developed for use within a traditional therapy room setting, online EMDR therapy is still an extremely useful approach for helping individuals to recover from trauma. Our online trauma therapy at Aguilera Psychology is secure, confidential, and allows each individual to access therapy from a space that feels comfortable to them. Furthermore, EMDR therapy online provides an extra level of convenience in terms of scheduling, flexibility, and access arrangements.

Access Trauma Counselling Online

If you are ready to seek out the help you need to begin to heal from trauma, contact us today to book your initial online consultation. Call us on 07919911501, or email us at info@aguilerapsychology.co.uk.