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  • February 14, 2023
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For those experiencing the debilitating symptoms of PTSD, everyday life can be extremely frightening. Following a traumatic or tragic event, the onset of PTSD can be immediate, or sometimes occur years later – there is no universal experience. But for individuals suffering from disturbing flashbacks, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or TF-CBT) can provide effective treatment for children and adults with trauma, complex trauma, and PTSD. Designed to understand the difficulties faced by PTSD sufferers, this evidence-based therapy that we offer at Aguilera Psychology aims to provide a restored quality of life.

What is Trauma-Focused CBT?

As a form of talking therapy, TF-CBT helps individuals to break complex problems apart into different areas: emotions, thoughts, physical feelings, situations, and actions. By understanding how these areas all interact with and impact upon one another, those with trauma and PTSD can begin to unpick their symptoms with the help of our trauma therapists. A range of behavioural techniques (tailored to the needs of each individual) are then taught and practised, with the aim of changing the negative reactions that can be present after experiencing or witnessing trauma.

How Can TF-CBT Treat Trauma and PTSD?

As a skills-based therapy, trauma-focused CBT is dedicated to giving sufferers the right tools to challenge their unwanted thoughts, and regain a sense of control and safety. Our chartered psychologist and trauma therapist Kat Aguilera will begin by discussing your symptoms and difficulties, before creating a bespoke treatment plan for your needs. Within TF-CBT sessions, you will gradually learn how to cope with lasting traumatic memories, as well as practising confidence-building techniques to reduce the symptoms of PTSD and any related issues.

Therapy for Trauma

In addition to providing TF-CBT, we also provide EMDR therapy for trauma, as well as a range of other therapies and counselling methods. To get the help you need, contact us today for your initial consultation on 07919911501, or email us at info@aguilerapsychology.co.uk.

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